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Nicole & Jake — Minted




Wedding Party

Scott Flanary


Scott "Too Scott to Handle" Flanary met Nicole on his first day of work at Meta in 2018. Within a month of first meeting, Scott invited himself on a (initially solo) weekend trip Nicole was taking and they've been inseparable ever since. Jake and Scott later established a bromance, starting in the most Seattle of all places... an REI.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to upstage the bride

Favorite Memory (Bride): While on a trip to Boston, Scott and Nicole decided to get drunk and go to an improv show. They'd always talked about taking an improv class together and, inspired by some liquid courage, booked a class while still in the Boston theatre. The two have since been castmates at CSz Seattle!

Favorite Memory (Groom): While on a trip in the South of France, Scott and Jake were both afflicted with jet lag. Instead of tossing and turning in bed they decided to enjoy some reading and began chatting about all things life until the sun came up over the Mediterranean. It was an serene, peaceful setting that has bonded the two boys ever since!

Natalie van de Vliet

Maid of Honor

Natalie is the bride's younger sister. Natalie has insisted that she was Nicole's "bestie" their entire lives, but it took a few years for Nicole to agree. Though they live about 3000 miles apart, they regularly share long phone conversations thanks to Natalie's favorite past time of calling at least three times a week.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to cry off all her make-up before the ceremony has even started.

Favorite Memory: While on Safari in Botswana, Natalie was complaining about the mean monkeys who wouldn't stop throwing "rocks" at her. She was later informed that it was poop.

Jackie Gloshinski


Jackie and Nicole are cousins, but were raised more like sisters. Their families referred to them as the "bobsie twins" since they were always together, in matching outfits. From annual beach trips, to visiting each other in college and later at first apartments, they've always been close friends and strong support systems for each other.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to wear white to the wedding so that she can match the bride.

Favorite Memory: While most kids their age were learning the choreography to the latest NSYNC video, Nicole and Jackie choreographed an original dance to ABBA's "Waterloo" and subjected their entire families to watch.

Kelley Peck


Kelley met the bride at field hockey preseason their freshman year of high school. The two became fast friends, as they had nearly identical class schedules. They leveled up their regular high school slumber parties when they decided to live together in college. Kelley had the misfortune of sharing a bathroom with Nicole but, despite the odds, their friendship survived and they've had the privilege of standing next to each other on their wedding days.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to hip check anyone who doesn't tell the Bride she looks beautiful. You have been warned.

Favorite Memory: The night before their college graduation, Kelley and Nicole took their own private campus tour that included breaking into the graduation tent for a photo shoot, sliding down statues, and taking a swim in a water fountain.

Kimberly Richardson


Kim and Nicole were randomly assigned freshman year suite mates... who didn't talk to each other for the first two weeks of college. They quickly made up for lost time, however, and continued living together throughout college. Nicole begged Kim to move out to Seattle after she'd completed grad school, and the two resumed their room mate relationship during the pandemic (mostly so that Nicole didn't go absolutely insane while isolated alone in her 700 square foot apartment). Kim is Nicole's favorite "adventure buddy" and the two have been on a number of backpacking trips together.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to hog the salad course.

Favorite Memory: Kim and Nicole (and Ben, one of Jake's Groomsmen) successfully hiked all 100 miles of the Wonderland Trail in 2021... we won't talk about the failed attempt due to a freak blizzard in 2020.

Kirsten Vessell


Nicole and Kirsten met while Kirsten was rushing Alpha Sigma Alpha. Nicole was looking for a "little" and the two bonded over their love of politics, dogs, and general apathy towards sorority functions. They later worked together at not one, but two, companies which would relocate Kirsten to Seattle. Kirsten tragically abandoned Nicole to move to Texas in 2021, but fortunately bought a house big enough for the two of them (and their 3 dogs and 2 husbands) to live comfortably in. Jake and Kirsten's husband, Chad, will eventually support this plan.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to try (and fail) to get the bride to run a 5k the morning of the wedding

Favorite Memory: At a Willy Wonka-themed party in college, Nicole (both overconfident and notoriously accident prone) asked Kirsten (the D1 athlete and all around coordinated person) to walk down a chocolate-syrup covered staircase first so that "she wouldn't slip and fall into her." To no one's surprise, Nicole tripped and pushed Kirsten face first down a flight of stairs. She's still paying for that one...

Michelle Meredith


Michelle and Nicole technically met in high school but ran in different social circles (translation: Michelle was a popular soccer superstar and Nicole was a nerd who sat with the theatre kids in the cafeteria). Michelle moved to Seattle and, much to the surprise of our classmates, she and Nicole became very close. Tragically, Michelle's pro soccer player husband was traded to Nashville FC so their friendship has entered its "long distance" phase, but Nicole remains determined to be Michelles daughter's favorite Aunt (though Michelle's two biological sisters may put up a fight).

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to twerk on the dance floor at the reception .

Favorite Memory: Michelle accompanied Nicole to a very elaborate, Wizard of Oz themed company holiday party. The party featured live band karaoke, which all of the engineers were too afraid to participate in. Thankfully, neither Nicole nor Michelle have any shame and enjoy belting out broadway showtunes whenever they're in the car together so they stepped up to the plate and sang "Take Me or Leave Me" from RENT. They were probably the only two people at that party who had ever heard that song.

Eddie Dunoyer

Best Man

Eddie is the one of the groom's younger brothers. Being only 17 months apart in age, Eddie and Jake grew up together. Though their brotherly rivalry got heated throughout the years, they're brotherly bond is unshakeable. They now stay connected over their love of the Arsenal, video games and outdoor sports.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to emotionally crack during his speech

Favorite Memory: (Pictured Here) Our trip to Denver to see our beloved Broncos play turned into an epic exploration of the city's libations and ended with a dramatic primetime NFL game.

Max Dunoyer


Max is one of the groom's younger brothers. Much like his two older brothers, he moved out west after school and has landed in San Francisco, making it easy for Jake to visit whenever he wants! Jake and Max have always been close, sharing very similar personalities (for better or for worse). From sneaky Chick-fila runs to swapping kites on the shores of the Dominican Republic, Jake and Max have always had a tight bond.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to order a side of buffalo sauce with dinner

Favorite Memory: Visiting Max for his 21st birthday at UC Santa Barbara including a wine tour, bar hop and full UCSB nightlife experience.

Tyler (Tyty) Wilkinson


Tyler and Jake have been best friends since high school. They met when sandwiched together on a random school band trip to Busch Gardens and have been inseparable ever since. Their friendship spans quite a few sleepovers, ski trips, dramatic breakups and brunchy meetups. Through it all, Jake and Tyler have always made the time to be there for each other.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to make everyone laugh with his infectious laugh

Favorite Memory: In high school, Tyler directed the Pit Orchestra for the school's production of Phantom of the Opera. Tyler recruited Jake to play, leading to a string of hilarious pranks and hijinks throughout the show run.

Ben Kern


Jake and Ben first met when he and his partner Kim moved to Seattle. With Kim and Nicole being close friends already, Jake and Ben figured they might as well give it a shot at friendship too. They quickly found they shared a love of the outdoors, pets and all things sports (he's coming around on soccer). Jake even likes to take credit for Ben's now insatiable love of skiing. Although he and Kim have since moved out of Seattle, the two couples have planned to someday live next to each other with an underground tunnel for the pets to travel between.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to be found during the Hide and Seek portion of the wedding

Favorite Memory: (Pictured Here) The first time Jake took Ben skiing, Ben probably broke the record for amount of falls in a day, with bonus points for how spectacular a few of them were. At the end of the day, Ben asked Jake "Ok, so we're all set to head back up here tomorrow??"

Emile Greer


Jake and Emile are cousins, but in many ways they grew up like brothers as well. Whether on the annual family ski trips and fondue parties, or just visiting each other's hometowns, the two say plenty of each other as kids. Most recently they've spent time in Seattle and Denver together, taking in the local sports and knocking back a few (ok maybe more than a few) brews. Despite living the across the country from each other, Jake and Emile still find time to stay connected.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to take over the DJ Booth

Favorite Memory: During a visit to Brooklyn, NY, Jake and Emile ended up at a crazy Italian restaurant that involved dancing on tables and chanting hilarious Italian songs.

James (Jamie) Dunoyer


Jake and Jamie are cousins but share a brotherly bond. Growing up, Jamie and his father Jean would always make a stop to visit Jake and the family on their way to chasing wind for Windsurfing. As Jake and Jamie got older, they managed to coordinate an annual trip to Denver to see the grandparents as well as hit the slopes. These days, the two make a yearly reunion in Cape Hatteras to go kitesurfing. On the water, the two share a fierce rivalry to see who can send harder, but on the beach Jake and Jamie are known to share loving and strong hugs.

Wedding Superlative: Most likely to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion.

Favorite Memory: Heading up to Beaver Creek, CO with our Grand-Pere and spending time goofing around the lodge all weekend.